Precise angle measurement

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Precise angle measurement bosch athlet bbh52550 Contact Us Today!

jakemy professional tool bag complete shower cubicles MAKITA HR2600 PRICE channellock 187 piece tool set Measure an angle when you want to duplicate that angle elsewhere in your model or create plans, such as for a woodworking project. To measure an angle or create angled guide lines, use the Protractor tool. You find the Protractor tool () in a few different parts of SketchUp’s interface: Construction toolbar. The most precise measurement of angles is done in astronomy, because the distances being used are so great. But I suspect that’s not what you want to know. The answer depends upon your application and your needs. Then you can consider your budget, both financial and time. In general, for most situations on a scale of several meters to hundreds of kilometers, you can get to about arc seconds with regular high-precision total stations. Learn how to use these tools to make or erase lines and angles. Using measurements can help you get the dimensions just right.

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