Loading a staple gun

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Loading a staple gun arabic lantern The Dewalt Stapler never disappoints. Check the manual or search online to ensure that your stapler is compatible with brad nails. A staple gun is accurate and powerful, so it will help you finish many projects fast.

air hawk tire compressor country cedar decking stain WELDING WORKBENCH spin mop bucket How to Load a Staple Gun. A staple gun is a handheld machine that can force metal staples or small nail brads into heavy paper, plastic, wood, or thick fabrics. Staple guns come in manual, electric, and pneumatic models to fit a variety of   1 Rear-Loading a Manual Staple Gun. 2 Bottom-Loading an Electric Stapler. 3 Loading a Pneumatic Stapler. On a front-loading staple gun, the first thing you’ll have to do is to remove the tape covering. This would be a small piece of tape located on the front of the stapler and having a purpose of protecting the device from getting damaged during transport. It should be removed every time you’re about to load the staples.  Step #2. Take a look at your model from the back and find a small button. Press it to release the magazine. Some models sport a pull mechanism. If your particular model doesn’t indicate whether you should pull or push, simply try out both actions. Staple Gun Loading Step 3. Finally, reinsert the pusher onto the guide rail, pushing it all the way forward until it locks into place. You’ll hear and feel it lock. That’s how to load a staple gun. You’re now ready to fire your staple gun. More comfortable with a video tutorial? Great, we have that, too. Check it out below.

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