Airframe pro car vent mount

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Airframe pro car vent mount deep tool box For dash mounts and windshield mounts, we also tested the reliability of their suction cups on a window and two textured vinyl dashboards, as well as the textured surface of a Marshall guitar amp. Instead of trying to overengineer things, the folks at Kenu built what appears to be the most spartan solution to my aforesaid quandary. What more can you ask for?

cd racks for sale lantern wall GOLD KITCHEN TAP IKEA long handle razor scraper Will Airframe Pro work with my phone or case? Airframe Pro fits phones and cases up to " (92 mm) in width. Will the vent clip damage or mark my car's vents? No, it's designed to attach easily without putting stress on the vent slats. The special elastomer formula grips tight without marking the vents. Airframe Pro doesn't fit my vents, what now? We've found that Airframe Pro fits the majority of car vents out there. If you're having trouble with a specific car, send us a note at and we'll help you find the right spot. If that doesn't wor. Best Car Vent Mounts - CaseCo Mountie vs Steelie vs Kenu Airframe+. iBertz.  Joby GripTight vs Kenu Airframe Pro. John Cho. Держатель Kenu Airframe Pro Car Vent Mount предназначен для установки смартфона на вентиляционную решётку в автомобиле. Раздвижное крепление позволяет плавно регулировать его ширину, адаптируя её к размерам мобильного девайса. Он совместим с такими крупногабаритными смартфонами, как iPhone 8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 и Google Pixel 2 XL.

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