Iron spikes

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Iron spikes transmission fluid extractor Answered on May 23,

front door canopy porch lowes paddle mixer THERMOSTATIC KITCHEN TAP livivo rotary washing line Iron Spikes are a type of basic craftable item in Outward, that is used to arm Tripwire Traps. Iron Spikes is used in the Spike Trap. Iron Spikes also fulfills the ingredients for: Decraft: Iron (Small). Merchant Sources. Enemy Drops. Loot Container Sources. The sources above were generated dynamically. Click here to force an update of the data. The Iron Spike is a block that deals damage to any Mobs or Players that touch it. It can be placed on any of the six sides of a block, and does not break if the block that it was placed on is destroyed. Iron Spike has no known uses in crafting. The Iron Spike is notable for emulating player kills to an extent, as mobs killed by the spike will drop rare items (such as Zombie Pigmen dropping Gold Swords). The block can be moved by a piston. An Iron Spike will not destroy items like a Cactus or Lava does. ↓ Attributes. Iron spikes. Edit Page Content. Show Attribute List.

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