Norton prosand sandpaper

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Norton prosand sandpaper drop cloth with grommets Bench Grinder. Features: Premium heat-treated abrasive offers faster cut and longer sanding life than 3X technology Heat treating toughens the grain, allowing it to stay sharp and last longer under extreme pressure, and making it the most durable abrasive on the market Super sharp edges allow grain to remove material faster Increased backing weight, fiber-reinforcement and latex saturation offers better grain retention and tear-resistance, yet is highly flexible for easy folding and unfolding Non-pigemented water-based stearate anti-clog coating Open coat for best resistance to clogging and loading during sanding No color dye in coating process so there's no chance of color transfer to workpiece Ideal for smoothing and finishing wood as well as stripping metal, paint, rust and corrosion.

velux cabrio tote toolbag CASABELLA DISH SOAP DISPENSER torches of freedom Outlasting conventional sandpaper, Norton ProSand coated abrasives are ideal for stripping metal, paint, rust, corrosion, and smoothing and finishing.  It’s never just sandpaper. Craftspeople know that the sanding tools you choose have a direct impact on the quality of the job. That’s why Norton developed the ProSand line of sandpaper for contractors and serious DIYers. Tough, durable, and long lasting, ProSand sheets, discs, belts, and sponges are made to withstand any size job. All ProSand products are available in a wide range of grits to tackle everything from stripping to smoothing and finishing on wood, metal, paint, plastic, and drywall. Tested against our 3X sandpaper and the competition, ProSand products consistently outlasted and ou. Norton sandpaper sheets are ideal for hand sanding both wet and dry. Available in many sizes and shapes to accommodate various hand tools, the many varieties of abrasives and treatments provide user versatility for general purpose sanding many materials. Paper Sheets. File Sheets.  Paper Sheets. Paper sheets can be cut to fit most power sanders or folded for optimum product life when hand sanding. Our paper sheets work well on many types of surfaces for medium- to light-duty applications. Some can even be used wet. And, all will give you the most out of each sheet. See the full Paper Sheets range. File Sheets. File sheets are designed for dry sanding body filler, plastic fillers, fiberglass and composites. DaCorta Hardware stocks a wide variety of high quality abrasives and sanding products. Here is a short video of our Norton Pro Sand assortment.

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