Metal roof estimate per square foot

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Metal roof estimate per square foot slimline vanity basin I would like to get a standing seam metal roof for our two-story house in West Haven, CT. Free metal roof price cost estimate calculator online per square foot.

electrical toggle switches patio shade structures TOMBOW 850 bosch l boxx 2 Free metal roof price(cost) estimate calculator online per square foot. You are exactly in the right place if want to get your metal roof price estimate. There is an easy procedure for this: Our preliminary estimation after we receive a filled in form from you. Your own estimation using our calculator. On-site estimation from our specialist. Free roof estimate. At whichever stage you are, you will need to fill in the form below in order to get free roof estimate. It works for any numbers you need to run: metal roof estimate per square foot, roof job estimate or if you are considering re-roof p. Metal roofing installation costs $6 to $12 per square foot installed vs. an asphalt shingle roof which costs $3 to $7 per square foot installed. Most homeowners spend between $7, and $14, in total. The long-term investment return of metal roofing over the quick to be replaced asphalt roof is highly preferred. Prices depend on roof size and slope, cost to remove old roof, type of metal used, painting, and installation labor. Metal Roof Cost. National Average Cost. $11, Most contractors measure roofs in squares. One square is equal to Now, assuming the average cost of $ per square foot installed, it will cost about $17, to install approximately seventeen squares or 1, square feet of metal roofing on a typical house. A low-end total cost for a steel shingles roof installed over-top of the existing square roof would be around $14, at $ per square, while the cost of a high-end aluminum standing seam would be about $26, at $1, per square for a comparable roof. New Shingle Roof. $7, Average price.

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