Ecopeak water heater

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Ecopeak water heater modular wash basin Despite all these tips, if you still have some doubts about how to choose your next water heater, do not worry. These are built as the hot water tanks with the capacities ranging from the smallest of 2 gallons to the largest model with 22 gallons.

pergola images wurth torque multiplier COLOURED GLASS SHOWER WALLS michaels cricut scoring wheel The ECOPEAK® water heater has three elements, which means it heats more evenly throughout the day. As a result, collective electricity demand is reduced during peak periods. All without compromising your comfort!  Is the ECOPEAK® water heater for you? How would you describe your hot water use: energy-wise, normal or high? An ECOPEAK® water heater is an excellent choice for some households, but not for others. Take our quiz to see if this kind of water heater is right for you!. HydroSolution’s water heater with ECOPEAK® technology has a superior quality tank compared to water heaters sold in superstores thanks to its double-fired glass lining which improves its durability. MAIN FEATURES. 3 heating elements ( W/ V on top, W/ V in the middle and W/ V on the bottom). Unlike traditional two-element water heaters, whose power demand is concentrated during peak periods, three-element heaters draw less power and spread energy consumption throughout the day. Same comfort, smaller footprint! ECOPEAK® is a registered trademark owned by Giant Factories Inc. Comparing power drawn by standard and Ecopeak® water heaters. White line: ECOPEAK® models | Gray line: Standard models. Source: Hydro-Québec.

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