Bosch angle grinder dust extraction guard

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Bosch angle grinder dust extraction guard blown circuit breaker Order now.

craftsman car battery charger car air refresher CAR SEAT COOLING PAD milwaukee 18v staple gun Part of a series of videos showing attachments available for your Bosch Dust extractor unit. In this video we look at the Bosch Dust Guard for angle. The Bosch 18DC-5E Dust-Extraction Guard works with the Bosch /2 In. and 5 In. small angle grinders. The guard and grinder can be part of the end-to-end Bosch PRO+GUARD™ Protection System, along with attachments, dust extractor and respiration protection (to be used as a basic summary; always use products in accordance with the ownerʼs manual and OSHA Rule Table 1). The dust guard has a single-screw depth adjustment to adjust it to the. desired depth of cut. The guard is compatible with /2 In. and 5 In. small angle grinders: GWS/P/PD, GWS18 VC/PC/PSC, GWS/VS/VSP/P/P. Accessories for Angle Grinders. Dust-Free Sanding for a Clean Workspace. Dust Extraction Guard for Sanding. Select product variation. Dust Extraction Guards for Sanding. Quicknavigation. Product highlights.  The Dust Extraction Guard is an attachable accessory that keeps the workspace clean when sanding. It enables dust-free sanding of paint, varnish, plastics and wood in conjunction with sanding plates and fibre sanding sheets or with tungsten carbide grinding heads. The guard includes a brush ring and is compatible with angle grinders. Not suitable for metal grinding. More information regarding compatibility and use can be found in the machine user manual and should be consulted before operation.

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