Steel tape surveying

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Steel tape surveying petrol motor price The permissible error in the length of the tape, when supported on a horizontal surface under a tension of one kilogram shall not exceed the following limits according to IS: These types of surveying tapes are used for the highest precision works, e.

milwaukee m12 fuel sds gedore screwdriver set OUTDOOR PATIO ROOFING OPTIONS liquid leveling compound Tapes are used in surveying to take linear measurements. They are available in different lengths and can be made of different materials. The 5 most common types of tapes used in surveying are discussed in this article.  A steel tape is made of steel or stainless steel. It consists of a steel strip of 6mm to 16mm wide. It is available in lengths of 1m, 5m, 8m, 10m, 20m, 30m and 50m. Meters, decimeters, and centimeters are graduated in the steel strip. Steel tapes generally came up with the metal case with automatic winding device. Michigan State University - CE - Surveying Tape corrections. Surveying tapes are made of various materials and therefore can be divided into different types as follows. 1. Cloth or linen tapes. This tape is used for taking offsets.  3. Metric steel tapes. They are used for accurate works and are made of Steel or of stainless steel. The outer end of the tape is provided with a ring or other device for facilitating withdrawal. The ring or other device is fastened to the tape by a metal strip of the same width as the metric woven tape.

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