Right angle grease gun

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Right angle grease gun electric sensor pen The leading cause of greasing frustration and poor greasing maintenance is the leaking and stuck couplers. Grease goes in, not on the machine.

twp wood stain extendable paint roller SOCKET SET AND RATCHET SET steam mop near me This video shows how to properly use the Right Angle Grease Adapter.  Смазка для суппортов и для направляющих суппорта. After stewing about it for a while, I googled “right angle grease gun fitting” and found a coupler like the one above. A little more searching and I found a cheap one on Amazon that I could have in a few days. Advertisement. The hardened steel coupler fits all standard grease guns — unscrew the standard coupler and screw this one in it’s place. Then, rather than pushing this coupler onto the zerk fitting, you slide it sideways onto the fitting until it stops. You can purchase the Thexton THE Grease Coupler for about $10 with Prime Shipping on Amazon. DCGGRight Angle Grease Gun Coupler. (0). Write a review. Print. The DCGG Right Angle Grease Gun Coupler allows users to reach how to access zerk fittings for cordless grease guns with max operating pressure up to 10, psi. Buy Now. Share this product  Rated for cordless grease guns with max operating pressure up to 10, psi. Warranty & Service Information. Warranty Information.

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