Prima grease gun

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makita 1912b home depot paint rollers BLACK DIAMOND 4 WAY CROSS LOG SPLITTER WEDGE kito ed24st We tear down a grease gun to show exactly how it works and why our tricks for bleeding air and priming really work. Be sure to check out part one for a. The Prima Tools provide the best Customer Support and maintenance for all of our products. Our Grease Guns, Pumpl oilers and the Rotary Barrels is handled by our specialist in-house team. Quality. We are a quality-conscious organization that has directed its actions towards standardizing the range at par with the highest standards of quality. he procurement agents manned by us ensure that the raw material used is of supreme quality. When you buy a new grease gun, there's no grease in the hose, so you'll need to prime it to clear out all that air. The problem is that without grease already in the head of the grease gun, the piston is pumping air and you may need to help push the grease up and out of the cartridge to get things moving. 3 easy tricks to clear air locks. 1) When you screw on the barrel after loading a new tube of grease, back it off a full turn to allow a little air to seep out. This gives the air bubble above the grease a place to go.

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