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Read a card tankless water heater whole house It can integrate with other software and systems using a variety of methods and techniques.

keylite loft hatch best screw organizer GREY LEATHER SEAT COVERS sds 7mm Read-a-Card provides the crucial missing link between a contactless smart card reader and your software. Unlike data stored on a USB memory stick, reading the ID from your contactless card or tag cannot be done by the operating system alone, and the method used will depend on the reader, the card technology and the storage and encryption method used. Read-a-Card does this without needing any additional software development, although developer features are also available. Read-a-Card reads ID data from most contactless RFID cards, proximity tokens and tags. Has many features to enable quick and easy integration of desktop card reading functionality into door access systems and other software solutions. Created by Smartcard Focus. Commercial. Read-a-Card contains a built-in web server that allows a web page, with the addition of JavaScipt, to read card information from within the user's web.

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