Wera impact driver bits

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telescoping ladder near me craftsman magnetic screwdriver set 90 LITRE BIN BAGS reese adjustable tow bar The Wera impact drivers have a particularly high efficiency thanks to their robust double-curved teknodiyar.com forces are converted into rotary motion and so there is no need for the use of pneumatic appliances.  impact driver, 90 Nm with many accessories. To loosen and tighten screws without the use of power tools. Impact forces are converted into rotary motion. Wera Impaktor bits are designed specifically for impact drivers. Wera's Impaktor bits have a special geometry and use special materials to absorb the forces. Impact Screwdriver Bits Wera. Top Selected Products and Reviews. 1. Wera 2 x 50 mm SB 1 x PZ "Impact /4 IMP DC" Bits - Silver. by Wera. In stock.  Ok I do have a love of Wera bits and holders but they are built to work, unlike some that look good and work fine for a while then they start to show their weakness, start to round off or chip. Well I know all bits go that way in the end but Wera last a lot longer than most i've tried and I'm really impressed with the holders supplied, never over sized and thought gone into how they will be used.  Bought to compliment my DeWalt impact driver as was advised not to use standard driver bits. Lovely neat compact set which fits in kit box and pockets without taking up room. Not experienced any problems so far.

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