Kohler touchless soap dispenser

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Kohler touchless soap dispenser garden digging tools Prime the unit by triggering the sensor up to eight times, or until soap is dispensed. Update the quantity in your cart. With its hygienic, no-touch operation, this handsome stainless steel soap dispenser from Kohler works with foaming or liquid soap.

cell phone in cup holder hills extenda 6 retractable washing line KLARSTEIN COOKER HOOD 90CM ministry of transport malaysia Товары из магазина teknodiyar.com (на фото) и еще 7. Доставка из России и других регионов. Выбор по параметрам. When moving the dispenser, turn the unit off, or avoid grasping the unit near the sensor area to prevent accidental dispensing of soap. If the following troubleshooting tips do not correct issues with this product, call KOHLER for further assistance. The Unit Does Not Respond. Possible Cause. Corrective Action. The sensor area is obstructed by soap residue. Turn the unit off and wipe the sensor with a clean, soft, damp cloth. The batteries are not installed correctly. This touchless soap dispenser promotes better hygiene in the kitchen or bathroom. Fill with foaming soap or liquid soap – your choice. Simply hold your hand under the spout to dispense soap.  Far better than another touchless soap dispenser I had before. Just recently I noticed it started leaking soap from the bottom. It's too bad because it was working pretty well.

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