1920s medicine cabinet

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1920s medicine cabinet mercedes vito towbar Antique Wood Dining Table. Platinum Seller. Price-Match Guarantee.

rv propane water heater cat bath mat TEEPOL LIQUID CLEANER mira thermostatic showers In the s, both health reformers and advertisers promoted the shiny porcelain bathroom as the center not only of personal cleanliness but good health. And they advised filling those new, built-in medicine cabinets with preventatives and remedies--products deemed essential at a time of rising standards of personal care. From a catalog of bathroom tiles, "Our health dependes on ourselves the care we give our body—the human machine." —Dr. Thomas Darling in Health and Efficiency, Pond's Tablet Digestans, s. St. Joseph's Pure Aspirin, s. Vaseline whit. See more ideas about Vintage medicine cabinets, Antique medicine cabinet, Old medicine cabinets.  RESERVED Found: Americana, Medical Cabinet Age: s Materials: metal,glass,brass,steel Condition & Size: Good Vintage Condition, missing 2 glass shelves and left side light (glass) minor surface rust, solid steel, brass fittings - Cabinet frame 59" h x 18" w x 15 1/2" d drawer - 14 1/2 d x 15 1/2 "w Storage cabinet - 15 1/2 " d x. 19 1/2 " w x 11 1/2" h Function: Supply cabinet for doctors, hospitals in the early s Features: Single drawer and lower storage cabinet, metal casters. Страна: Германия Студия: Decla-Bioscop AG Жанр: триллер, драма, экспрессионизм, немое кино Год выпуска: Интертитры: английские Перевод: Субтитры.

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